Foundation for the Development of the University of Gdansk (FRUG), Poland

The Foundation supports the activity and promotes the development of the University of Gdansk. The main areas of the Foundation’s activity comprise: teaching and training, research expertise and consultancy, physico-chemical investigations, publishing and printing services. The Foundation has been placed on the list of the Ministry of Environmental Protection’s experts in the field of nature and air protection and protection from noise. The Foundation conducts scientific investigations and provides expert advice to enterprises, research institutions and public administration bodies. Since the establishment of the Foundation, one of its major priorities is nature conservation. The foundation acts within the scope of environmental protection in terms of active in situ and ex situ operation, as well as shaping conscious human attitude towards environment through educational, informative and commercial activities. Due to the long-term close cooperation with scientists from the Marine Station of the Institute of Oceanography of Gdańsk University in Hel, particularly significant Foundation’s goal is protection of the Baltic Sea environment and its coastal zone. The Foundation also undertakes activities related to the protection of terrestrial ecosystems of high environmental significance, within the areas of the Natura 2000 network and other environmental protected areas. The content-related part of our projects is supported by the scientists from the University of Gdansk that provide professional realization of projects in accordance with standards.

Within Marine Mammals, the Foundation – together with Hel Marine Station, see below – organizes and conducts summer school and teacher trainings. Furthermore, it develops teaching units and outreach material regarding marine mammals / marine mammals and the interaction with fishery.


Kamila Szmidt
Dr. Iwona Pawliczka
Mikolaj Koss
Monika Dorota Selin
Wojciech Gorski
Justyna Kapa
Dr. Joanna Jaszczolt

Professor Krzysztof Skóra Hel Marine Station (HMS)

Was established in 1992 and is a field station in the organizational structure of the Institute of Oceanography in the Faculty of Oceanography and Geography at the University of Gdansk. As the only station of its kind in Poland it is open to the research needs of the whole scientific community of the country and provides field support for all research groups working in this region (academic teams from various colleges, related institutes and the Polish Academy of Sciences). HMS cooperated in many projects with the Foundation for the Development of the University of Gdansk providing both the scientific expertise in marine mammals and fieldwork capacity.
The beneficiary of that project will be the Foundation for the Development of the University of Gdansk, whereas scientific expertise, resources and infrastructure will be provided by Hel Marine Station as a Third Party in the project.