WWF Poland

WWF Poland has carried out a lot of activities dedicated to the conservation of the Baltic Sea, including removal of ghost nets, protection of marine species and habitats as well as the policy work. Starting in 2009, WWF Poland has been focusing on the conservation of marine mammals (grey seal, harbour porpoise) and birds (ringed plover, common tern, sandwich tern, little tern and oystercatcher) and has initiated a pioneer activity in terms of social involvement in nature conservation called the Blue Patrol. The Blue Patrol is a group of 200 volunteers recruited from local communities, involved in interventions and rescue work. It is a diverse group of individuals with varying background, experience and age. All Blue Patrol members have high motivation to actively protect the Baltic Sea and to help marine mammals and birds..

Within Marine Mammals WWF Poland is responsible for the development of outreach materials and teacher trainings on marine mammals.




Monika Łaskawska-Wolszczak