Interactive Poster ready

A digital poster was developed within the project, dealing with a lot of hot topics in marine mammals research.
At a big touchscreen, you can zoom into a map of anthropogenic impacts on the marine environment of the North-East Atlantic and the Baltic Sea. Information about seals, harbour porpoises and sperm whales is given, including movable 3D-skeletons of the species and a variety of vivid graphics. The application describes echolocation of harbour porpoises, the impact of underwater noise and the problems of entanglement. For the harbour seal, the accumulation of mercury is explained as an example for the impact of pollution on marine mammals. Behavioral aspects of diving and diving physiology are shown. For the sperm whale, the problems of strandings and marine debris are discussed.

The digital poster can be used in school programs, e.g. at the Kiel Science Factory, at Havets Huus in Lysekil (Sweden) and in Kerteminde at the Southern Denmark University Research Facilities. Different languages can be choosen.